Elda - Medio Vinalopó


etapa de carretera

Elda - Villena

Here we present a very affordable route for most road cyclists. However, our province doesn´t know the absolute flat land, and in the end we`ll accumulate more than 1,000m of unevenness. Starting from the administrative capital of the region of Medio Vinalopó, Elda, we have 115km ahead, in which we can enjoy castles such as Sax and Villena, and extensive fields of vineyards, to finish the route with the visit to La Mola Castle in Novelda. Representation of the modernist architecture of this locality.

We leave Elda with a demanding ascent next to the Comarcal Hospital of that city. To follow the route by a land with upward trend but without steep slopes until the locality of Villena. Before we will have passed through the town of Sax, and the hamlet of La Colonia Santa Eulalia. Between both points, there is the rest area and camping area known as El Plano. It is a recreational conditioning located on a plain, as its name suggests, in the heart of the Vinalopó Valley, at the foot of the Peña Rubia, Cabrera and Salinas mountains.

As we approach Villena we will appreciate the grandeur of its La Atalaya Castle, whose sky line in the horizon reminds us of the cultural mix of Muslim and Christian. It´s without a doubt the most significant monument of Villena and its identifying element next to the Treasury. Its great uniqueness and historical value led it to be declared an "Historical Artistic Monument" in 1931 and, at present, enjoys greater protection when it is declared of Cultural Interest.


From this moment we start the ascent to Cabezo Andreu, to which we will arrive in kilometer forty-three of route. From this point we start a descent with punctual climbs of almost 50km, until we reach the town of Novelda. In this route we will have crossed the town of Pinoso / El Pinós and La Romana, and several districts of these municipalities. If our goal is not strictly sporty it will be worth making a stop to replenish forces in any of the taverns of the area to try their typical dishes.

Once in Novelda, we have the opportunity to enjoy one of the architectural jewels of the region: The Castle of La Mola. Before we have to overcome a short ramp, but with 20% slope. Both the temple and the views from its viewpoints, will make the effort worthwhile.

We´ll have only 20km., in front us, but uphill, in which we will pass by Monóvar / Monòver before reaching our starting point: Elda


What to see?

The municipalities through which the route runs have a lot of tourist attraction so it is difficult to list all the offer. We can highlight: Elda Footwear Museum, Castle of Sax, Castle of La Atalaya and Treasure of Villena, Clock Tower in Pinoso / El Pinós, laundry in La Romana, La Mola Castle and the Modernist House in Novelda, and the Main Theater or the Arciprestal Church of San Juan Bautista in Monóvar / Monòver.

What to eat?

The area that runs the route has great gastronomic influence of the two neighboring provinces such as Murcia and Albacete. Thus, some of the typical dishes are the "Fasiuras" or balls, Gazpacho Manchego, Fandango de Bacalao, or the Gachamiga, among others.

But being in the province of Alicante, we can´t miss the rice. And in this case the Rice with rabbit and snails, typical of Pinoso / El Pinós. That has put this endearing locality on the gastronomic map of the most exquisite palates.

Did you know?

The current prestige of Elda as a manufacturer of footwear worldwide, owes its origin to the excess production of "esparto", which they soon used for the manufacture of espadrilles and other products such as mats, or fishing nets.

Sax Castle is famous for its silhouette from the East side. In which we can see in the rock a turtle.

Villena has a fertile territory, with plenty of water. Some years ago it had several lagoons, today desiccated to diminish the level of the water due to the massive extraction of the same for many municipalities of the province of Alicante.