from Gata de Gorgos to Parcent


This is the part of the journey that runs through the Marina Alta district, where we will cross the beautiful Mountain range of Seldetes from Gata de Gorgos to later stroll through quiet roads of the Vall de Pop that offer unique hidden areas and an important wine culture.

In Marina Alta, in the shade of El Montgó, we will find the district of Gata de Gorgos, where we will establish the starting point of this entertaining stage.

From the Arraval Park we leave the municipality. We will cross the river to continue along a pleasant red dirt track up to Mas de les Mallaes, close to the Font de la Mata which we will visit.

Font de la Mata is a reservoir located in the small valley of Gata-Dénia, which has served as a place for cattle to be watered and to rest since the Muslim period. Growing over the water source is the 'shrub', an enormous mastic, which is estimated to be between 600 and 800 years old and which gives the name to this place.

We will come back from Font de la Mata and we will continue towards Alt dels Serrellars on a path with abundant vegetation that goes over the Ravine of Canela. The summit offers good views of the Bèrnia  mountain  range  and of the rock of Ifach, located towards the South. To the North we can see El Montgó, standing out over the coastline.

From the vertex, the path goes down the sunny side until the intersection where the PR-CV 388 branches off to Benissa. We will continue on the right to initiate the descent towards the Vall de Pop, passing first by some ancient ruins where we can appreciate the architecture of la pedra en sec, a construction technique that consists in building stone walls without using any kind of mortar.

In this second section we will cross the district of Senija, entering the mountain of Llíber, passing through the Camí Vell, until reaching the plain of Llíber accompanied by thousands of vines until you reach this beautiful municipality.

After a visit to the small town we will go to Xaló  following the course of the river  Xaló-Gorgos,  declared  a  Site of Community Importance due to its important ecological value. After visiting Xaló we will continue walking next to the course of the river until crossing it to reach Alcacalí, another beautiful municipality in the Vall de Pop that is worth visiting.

Finally, a beautiful walk that runs along rural roads between crops and the Ravine of l’Alberca will complete the stage of the journey that will lead us to the district of Parcent.

Senija, Llíber, Xaló, Alcalalí y Parcent

Privileged area in which nature, mountains, history, sport and tradition come together.


To get to know the area we can follow routes like the PR-CV 7 Sierra de Bèrnia, PR-CV 340 Sierra de Oltá, PR- CV 388 Riberers Route and Molino del Quisi Route.

From Xaló we can go along the SL-CV 119 Xaló-Camino Tàrbena, a pleasant walk between ruins of dry rock.

The route 'Paths of stone and water' runs next to the River Gorgos, declared a Site of Community Importance.

The route of Peña Talai, with starting point in Alcacalí, offers us a circular tour of 12.7 km which will show us incredible landscapes.

The PR-CV 158 Carrascar Mountain range is a circular route that starts from Parcent. Throughout the route we will see amazing views of the Marina Alta and the Marina Baja.


There are numerous tours of different levels such as the route of Sant Joan de Mosquera, the Route of the Muscatel or the easy to access Los Campos de Murla; the ride to the Cavall Verd and the raisin track are quite difficult. If we're seeking extreme routes, then the Bèrnia Mountain range, the route of the Valley of Alcalá and the Pla de Petracos will put us to the test.


65 climbing routes of various different levels located between the Penya Roja and the Font d'Aixa. You can also climb in Alcacalí, in routes located near Murla.