from Castell de Castells to Confrides


Starting in the district of Castell de Castells, the journey runs through the Serrella mountain range, a mountain you will fall in love with. Interregional limit, with the Marina Baja to the South, and the El Comtat and Marina Alta to the North. Considered one of the wildest mountain ranges of the province, it will give us wonderful views from the Malla del Lobo, where we will ascend to on the trip that will take us to Confrides.

We will leave Castell de Castells along the CV-752 road and turn off onto the paved road towards the Sports Centre. We will start the climb passing through the Alcoi of Castellet until arriving at the Coll dell Castellet.

From here we can see the imposing Penya del Castellet, with the Barranco de La Canal as an impressive entrance gate to the Sierra de la Serrella.

We will continue to ascend  through the forest track until we arrive at the entrance of the Castellet, remains of an ancient fortification of Arab origin, perched on the rocky ridges of this crag.

From Castellet we will have magnificent views of the Valley of Guadalest and of the reservoir, as well as of the impressive Barranco de la Canal.

We will continue along the track towards the Malla del Lobo to take a detour to the left and access the Barranco de la Canal, which we will climb up to  get to the hill that will lead us to the triangulation station of the Malla del Lobo, 1.357 metres above sea level.

In this area and over the course  of the journey the flora  is  unique, with numerous herbs such as sage, chamomile, thyme and rosemary.

After resting at the top, we will continue the walk on a nice trail with gentle slopes, which will take us to the Collado Borrell. We will take a detour on the route of around 200 metres to be able to take a peek at the Recingle de la Finestra, a large hole in the mountain with in the shape of Africa.

Once again on the route, we will continue on a track until taking a detour through a small forest of pines that leads us to the Pas del Comptador, located between two promontories of rock, in order to start the descent on quite a steep path. This will take us to the track that we will go down to get to Confrides.

On this track and after passing through several ravines by a path between pine trees, we will access the paved road that will lead us to Confrides by the river Beniardá.


​Located in the Valley of  Guadalest, it is one of the highest villages in the province of Alicante.

It originated in an Arab farmhouse named Alfofra; the proof of its settlement is the Castle of Alfofra, located in the Penya del Castellet, at an altitude of 1.100 metres, being the highest castle in the province.

Its population is divided between Abdet and Confrides, a village which has a very well preserved old wash house and one of the smallest pelota courts, where a Valencian-style ball game is played, pilota grossa.

In the surrounding areas we can  find snow wells, buildings for storing snow during the winter and using it in summer.

The Valley of Guadalest is a paradise among mountains.

The Malla de Lobo, Peña Alta, the Pas de Rabosa, the Simas del Partegat, port of Confrides and the source of the river Guadalest all make an ideal area for hiking, mountain biking, cycling, climbing, 4 x 4 routes and canoeing on the Guadalest reservoir.

From Confrides the PR-CV 22 Puerto de Tudons - Confrides and PR-CV 45 Callosa d'en Sarria - Confrides routes begin, as well as many other itineraries that we will find within the confines of the Valley.

The Abdet ravine with waterfalls and water fountains is a delight for lovers of canyoning.


Located in the northern part of the Aitana mountain range, Confrides has an   amazing   setting,   surrounded by rocks, crags, mountains, ravines and abysses that make up an exceptional and unique mountain landscape. There are numerous springs that come from melting ice.

The mountains that surround Confrides, the Aitana mountain range and the mountains of the Marina are declared areas of Special Protection for Birds, where we can spot, among others species, falcons and eagles.

In terms of the flora, its population is lush with abundant pine trees, oaks, mastic shrubs and aromatic herbs. Confrides has two microreserves of flora, the  Coll del Ventisquer and the Camarell, besides three other microreserves of flora in the neighbouring town of Benifato, which is what gives the place its special botanic interest.