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Vall de Gallinera

La Vall de la Gallinera is a group of small villages: Benirrama, Benialí, Benisivá, Benitaia, La Carroja, Alpatró, Llombai and Benisili. The capital of the valley is Benialí. These are villages arranged along the valley formed by the course of the Gallinera ravine channeled by Sierras de Les Solanes, Almirante and the Sierra Foradá that connects with the Vall d'Alcalá. All of them are agricultural villages that produce almonds, oil or cherries, located in its zone of Protected Denomination of Origin. They are small villages and some of them in danger of disappearance as in the case of Llombai, which we cross along the road that leads from Alcoy to Pego. 


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