Accessible tourism

Over fifty beaches have been made accessible for those who are physically and mentally disabled, as well as most types of accommodation and leisure places

Opening doors, not closing them, is the Costa Blanca's philosophy for greeting its visitors. That is why, both public and private entities have made an effort to make Alicante an accessible province. First of all, its beaches. Ramps have been set up in over fifty beaches to facilitate the entrance of those who are physically disabled. Others offer pedagogical game areas so that those who are mentally disabled can enjoy a day at the beach, while trained staff and floating chairs are used to help them to get into the water.

Accessibility has also been applied to the practice of water sports. A  lot of water sport centres have adapted their services for these types of tourists, enabling them to go diving or sailing without any restrictions.

On the other hand, hotels and other types of accommodation have adapted their facilities for wheelchair users, both in terms of room access and services. Leisure places have also adhered to this regulation, while four green routes located in Alcoy, Maigmó, Torrevieja and Xixarra now have the correct conditions for wheelchair users.