The landscape in the province of Alicante is a diverse mix of natural areas, making it the ideal place to spot a wide range of bird species.

The region's huge variety of environments, consisting of fertile meadows and wetlands in the south, continental steppes to the west and an extensive coastline, all surrounded by the mountains in the north, shapes a complete map of natural spaces. Bird watching combined with a mild climate and an excellent network of services makes for some very successful days out in the field. The Costa Blanca is undoubtedly the perfect location to enjoy birdlife.

It would be difficult to find the species that can be observed on the Costa Blanca living together in other areas. The close proximity between birdwatching areas and good communications means that field days are easy to arrange and are always certain to be successful. There are also a series of excellent tourist and complementary services. The closeness of Alicante-Elche airport and more than 100 direct travel connections make the Costa Blanca a perfect and readily accessible nature destination.


​Birding Guide