Getting about

Travelling from the coast to the inland and from north to south is made easy through the use of motorways, dual carriageways, the tram and sea transport

It is not a problem if you are staying on the coast but want to travel inland, or if you are looking to visit Denia from Orihuela. The communications network enables you to move from one end of the province to the other without experiencing any problems. There is a modern motorway which crosses the Costa Blanca from north to south, and a large number of dual carriageways which connect the coast with the inland in an easy, comfortable and efficient way.

Another option is to use the large network of buses and trains. In addition, the tram connects the city of Alicante with Denia, stopping at the main coastal towns along the way and offering travellers the chance to enjoy some spectacular views.

For those who want to travel by sea, there are a number of companies which organise boat trips along the coast and which can take you from Alicante or Santa Pola to the Island of Tabarca, a marine reserve and one of the province's environmental treasures.