Health and relaxation

Hotels, rural houses, spas and treatment centres provide complementary services to tourists who are increasingly worried about stress and getting away from their routines

The growth of spas and other establishments which offer visitors the opportunity to look after their body has opened up a new market of both national and international tourists who are not only looking to enjoy the beach, nature and leisure activities but also some well-earned relaxation to combat stress and to get away from their daily routines.


If this is what tourists want, that is what they will get. The Costa Blancahas adapted well to the new demands of its visitors in terms of "health tourism", providing them with a wide range of spa and beauty centres, both as an extension of the services offered in existing hotels and rural houses and in the creation of places dedicated to spa and body treatments. Designed for those looking to improve their health and for those who demand the pleasure of looking after their body. Exquisiteness and quality are guaranteed.