1. The Vinalopó Castle Route

Monumental and domineering over an extensive, open horizon. Those words describe a great majority of the castles that mark the Vinalopó Valley and which make up one of the most outstanding fragments of history – a fragment written by James I of Aragon and Alfonso of Castile when they entered into the Treaty of Almizra in 1244.
This was a treaty which turned these lands –famous today for their wines and grapes– into a constant, bustling scene for armies and Ghazis (warriors), colonists and converts, and proponents of conquests and sieges. This is a border zone that was home to a vast number of peoples and cultures and is much worth discovering and tasting.
Throughout the centuries, great players such as Juan Fernández Pacheco (the first Marquess of Villena) and Marshal of Castile became the protagonists of heroic deeds and honors here. Today, standing as reminders of these noble feats, are the imposing La Atalaya of Villena, the protected Meseta Path, and the Sax, Castalla, Biar, and Novelda paths. We mustn’t forget Elche’s majestic Alcázar de la Señoría, also known as the Palace of Altamira, which currently houses the Museum of History for the city.

Santa Pola: Castillo-Fortaleza, Torre Escaletes, Torre Tamarit, Torre Atalayola.

Elche: El Alcázar de la Señoría, Las Murallas de la ciudad de Elche, Torre de la Calahorra, Torre de Ressemblanc, Torre de Los Vaillo, Torre del Pinet, El Castellar de Elche o Castellar de La Morera.

Aspe: Castillo del Río, Castillo de Aljau.

Novelda: Castillo de la Mola.

Monóvar: Castillo de Monóvar.

Elda: Castillo de Elda.

Petrer: Castillo de Petrer.

Sax: Castillo de Sax.

Villena: Castillo de la Altalaya, Castillo de Salvatierra.

Biar: Castillo de Biar.

Camp de Mirra: Castillo de Almizrra.

Beneixama: Torre Alatalaya de Beneixama

Banyeres de Mariola: Castillo de Banyeres de Mariola, Torre de la Font Bona.

Castalla: Castillo de Castalla.


You can't miss...

Natural Parks

Lovers of wetlands and bird life are in luck. The Hondo Natural Park and Salt Lakes at Santa Pola, with their Salt Museum, await.

Tourism resources

Elche boasts two World Heritage Sites: El Palmeral (The Palm Grove), a large-scale reminder of the Andalusian oasis; and the Misteri (Mystery Play), a religious play with medieval origin.

Gastronomic offer

The Vinalopó region is amongst the most verbose for dining. Fish from Santa Pola, rice with rabbit and snails in Pinoso, not to mention the gazpachos, gachamigas and cold sausages.

Typical products

Alicante’s wine route includes renowned wineries and promotes internal tourism and local food and agricultural products.


Santa Pola is a paradise for nautical action. Kite, paddle and windsurf in Arenales del Sol, La Gola, Playa Lisa and Tamarit. El Carabassí is for nudism and La Marina and El Pinet are for families.